EPCAF June Colloquium in Paris

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As I mentioned earlier, this year is an exciting year for EPCAF with many things happening:


  1. EPCAF Website:

We are launching a new website: www.EPCAF.org  The site was designed and created by France Languérand, a Paris based artist and a friend, who generously offered to create a more dynamic and engaging social platform for EPCAF, along with a new logo, and a new Circulaire. We are extremely grateful for all the time, energy and creativity she has dedicated to the EPCAF.

The new website is organized in six parts:

About: information on the forum and its working.

Books: information on the new EPCAF book series.

Conferences: information on past and future EPCAF events.

Discussions: links to our new Circulaire, Facebook page, and Tweeter account, as well as our new Academia research interest.

E-Resources: links to pertinent grants, fellowships, dissertations search engines, and databases.

Terms & Conditions: information on our terms of use, privacy statement, and by-laws.

As you go through the site, don’t hesitate to share with us any ideas and suggestions. And especially send us any additional resources we should add to our current list at cdossin@EPCAF.org


  1. EPCAF Book Series:

As mentioned in previous email and during our EPCAF’s panel at CAA, we are starting a book series in collaboration with AC Institute, an independent publisher based in New York. This initiative will provides scholars working in this rather heterogeneous field with a platform to develop exciting projects that will showcase both the diversity of European artistic practices since 1945 and the wealth of new scholarship that is being produced on postwar European art.

The first books will come out in the fall. At that point we will send a formal call for proposal. In the meantime, any inquiry about the book series should be addressed to the Book Series Editor at bookseries@EPCAF.org


  1. Academia Group:

For years, we have been saying how much we would like to know who else is in EPCAF, on what they are working, and be able to access their writings. Instead of creating our own database (which will require us to maintain it and update it rather regularly), we thought we could use Academia.

We thus created within Academia a “European Postwar and Contemporary Art” research interest: https://www.academia.edu/People/European_Postwar_and_Contemporary_Art

I realize that not everyone is on Academia and that Academia has its problems, but for those of us who are already using Academia, we will just need to follow that research interest and use it as a keyword when we post papers. It is easy, takes no time, but it is an efficient way to connect with other scholars who share our interests.


  1. June Colloquium in Paris:

To supplement our yearly US panel at CAA, we are starting a yearly June Colloquium in Paris. The first EPCAF Paris Colloquium will take place on Tuesday, June 14 in the morning and will be hosted by Parsons Paris – The New School.

It will be the opportunity to meet, present some of the EPCAF forthcoming books, and confer about current and future EPCAF initiatives.

We are particularly delighted that Fred Forest will be participating to a roundtable on what will be the first book in English on the Sociological Art Collective. The editors, Maud Jacquin and Stéphanie C. Jeanjean, have compiled new contextual and analytical essays and collected a wide range of primary sources (most translated into English for the first time), along with rare visual documentation of the Collective’s actions drawn from the artists’ archives.


EPCAF June Colloquium in Paris

Tuesday, June 14th 9:30 am to 12:30pm

Parsons Paris – The New School.



9h30- 10h30: Roundtable on Remapping France: Essays on Postwar and Contemporary Art with Sophie Cras, Emmanuel Guy, Noémi Joly, and other contributing authors.


10h30 -11h30: Roundtable on The Sociological Art Collective with Stéphanie C. Jeanjean and Fred Forest.


11h30-12h30: Open discussion on EPCAF’s present and future initiatives with a presentation of the new EPCAF website by France Languérand, EPCAF’s Artistic Director.




Yours sincerely,
Catherine Dossin