CAA Calls for Papers 2020

Paper proposals for CAA are due July 2020. Please consider submitting a proposal for the EPCAF panel, organized by Dr. Sandra Uskokovic.

Politics of Art in Public Spaces
Affiliated Society or Committee Name: European Postwar and Contemporary Art Forum 

Sandra Uskokovic, University of Dubrovnik 
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Post-communist countries after the fall of their oppressive regimes used to dream about a new, more human society. However, most of the EU countries as well as US– to a greater or lesser extent – have experienced neoliberal forms of capitalism that partially cutback former liberties, and through economic exploitation reduced public spaces. This increasing loss of public spaces Sloterdijk has called the “asynodic constitution” of contemporary society.In the context of crisis of democracy today, this session invites art works that react to the detrimental transformation of public space and sphere from diverse cultural and historical, discursive and socio-political perspectives. It is a pursuit that is searching for particular public areas and practices in relation to power structures of art world, looking at transnational processes of subjectification and community building.

In the time and place in which experience of public spaces is generally mediated by ownership and finances, a site is open for practices of mediation that show complex social experiences of the public space in more creative and palpable manner. By enhancing socio-political subversion of their art in public spaces, artists reacted to neoliberalization and privatization of cities, marketization of life sphere that were historically always outside market parameters, thus discerning the power of experience of the place created in public interest.

This session as a whole could be viewed as a product of shared public spatial field in which interactions of artist will produce opinions, ideas, values and practices that show and enhance new models of existence and art production in public space.