The European Postwar and Contemporary Art Forum (EPCAF) was created in 2010 as a worldwide forum for scholars working on postwar and contemporary european art. Since then, EPCAF has organized numerous panels at conferences in the United States and in Europe, most notably at the Festival d’Histoire de l’Art in Fontainebleau (France) and the annual meetings of the College Art Association (CAA), of which EPCAF is an Affiliated Society.

In order to further its mission—to make the history of European art accessible to a wider audience—EPCAF is now launching a book series,  which will include translations into English, monographs, edited volumes, and anthologies of original documents. This initiative will provides scholars working in this rather heterogeneous field with a platform to develop exciting projects that will showcase both the diversity of European artistic practices since 1945 and the wealth of new scholarship that is being produced on postwar European art.

EPCAF is an open and free association. By sharing information and exchanging ideas across the globe, EPCAF is expanding our knowledge and understanding of the history of art and criticism, and highlighting the different national methodologies that are brought to bear on these histories. To join the conversation and connect with a hundred scholars based on both sides of the Atlantic, simply subscribe to the EPCAF’s Circulaire.

In June 2016, EPCAF held its first Paris colloquium at Parsons Paris, the European campus of The New School.

We will send and post more information on all these exciting projects and opportunities in the coming months. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to share with us your ideas and suggestions (contact us here).