2017 CAA: EPCAF’s Business Meeting


Time:  Friday, 02/17/2017, 12:00 AM—1:30 PM

Location: Regent Parlor, 2nd Floor, New York Hilton Midtown


EPCAF held a business meeting at the College Art Association conference in New York this past February 2017. Here are a few comments addressing questions that came up in the meeting, along with the EPCAF meeting minutes, and items from the CAA Affiliate Societies business meeting that may be of interest.

In 2017-2018, EPCAF will undergo a transformation in leadership and governance. In June, the counselors will vote on new by-laws, and in the following year it will be time for several of the counselors to step down from their current positions, which are limited to 2 year periods. This means that we will be looking for new people who are interested in helping to shape the future of EPCAF.


CAA Affiliate Societies business meeting notes 

The Affiliate Society program began in 1978. There are currently 85 Affiliate Societies. There are 9,700-10,000 individual members of CAA (there was a decline in membership after 2008).

Affiliate Societies with fewer than 100 members pay $55 in dues annually.

At the 2017 CAA conference there were 25 business meetings, 46 affiliate panels, and 250 academic sessions total. This is 40% more than last year because the sessions are shorter (90 minutes instead of 150). 

If they wish, Affiliate Societies may use their business meetings as second panels, although it is undecided whether or not the time slot would be labeled as anything other than a “business meeting.” The possibility of using the name of the Affiliate Society in a second accepted panel was discussed.

It is possible that there could be theme groupings (such as 1968) at future conferences. We can write to CAA (specifically Elizabeth Schlatter eschlatt@richmond.edu) to let CAA know that we would like to see thematic groupings. Otherwise, the preponderance of panel proposals on certain themes will demonstrate interest.

In the future there may be panels on Sunday, into the evenings, possibly as late as 10pm. They are talking about shortening time between sessions to 15 minutes.

They plan on bringing together clusters of affiliate societies, and facilitating online meetings among them. They are hoping to do this by next October. This will involve including an affiliate representative on the CAA board.

CAA needs to know which of our affiliate society members are CAA members. Website redesign will include a stronger presence of affiliates.